Video of Malatapay Market

Zamboanguita – Negros Oriental

The Wednesday Market has become a tourist attraction of its own. This video of Malatapay Market brings you closer to the local lifestyle. When diving in Dumaguete most people stay in one of the Dive & Beach Resorts in Dauin. From there it is only a short drive to the neighboring municipality of Zamboanguita.

Each Wednesday farmers and vendors from all over the region flocking in the early morning hours to Maluay, the small village, where the Market is located to sell their fresh produce. However, grocery is not the only stuff to buy there. At the livestock market all kind of animals got traded. At other stalls, you get clothes for less than a dollar and if you need a dentist, surely there is a mobile clinic with some rusty pliers there.

Video of Malatapay Market

As the spectacle begins in the early morning hours around sunrise, one can visit there and still be back for the first dive at your resort.

However, the place is not only famous for its market, it is also the gateway to Apo Island, one of the most famous scuba diving destinations in the Central Visayas Region. Public Bankas and boats leaving from here to cross the waters to the nearby Island. For people staying in Dumaguete and don’t want to use the services of a Dive Resort in Dauin, they can hire a Banka for their group or use the public boats.

Getting to Malatapay

One can use a Ceres Liner Bus to go from their terminal in Dumaguete to Malatapay Market. All buses to the south of Negros will pass there. Just tell the conductor to stop at the market. Another option is taking a public Jeepney. It might become a bit crowded and you may share the cabin with different animals, however, it is certainly a special experience.

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