Video of Diving in Anilao

Mabini – Batangas – Luzon

With more than 50 dive-sites, Anilao offers a huge variety for scuba divers of all levels. Anilao is just a 2.5-hour drive away from Manila and is said to be the birthplace of Scuba Diving in the Philippines. The proximity to the capital of this lovely archipelago made it a famous weekend getaway for local and international Scuba Divers from Manila.

This video of diving in Anilao is just one of the many great videos one can find. Andrew Leighton, who took this video has a lot of experience in this area of the Philippines. He caught some days with great visibility and came up with awesome footage of some of the best dive sites in the region. Enjoy the video of diving Anilao.

Anilao is a Barangay in the municipality of Mabini – Batangas on Luzon. As you saw in the video, it is a paradise for underwater photographer and videographer. If one is in to shooting macro/stills or moving pictures, Anilao is the place to go.

Best Time for diving Anilao

The best time to dive this region is between December and May. The waters are calm and the visibility is at its best. However, if one visits during Christmas Season or Chinese New Year, some dive-sites appear to be a bit crowded. Generally, the region is worth visiting all around the year. However, the conditions could turn a bit bad during monsoon season, with rough and choppy surface and bad visibility.

Many reefs are shallow and can be explored by snorkeling. That makes Anilao a perfect destination for spending a great weekend with family and friends. There are plenty of Resorts, Guest Houses, and Hotels in Anilao, fitting for each budget. Send us a mail, if you also have a great video of diving in Anilao or any other region, so we can share your great experience in the Philippines here too.

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