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Manila is the capital of the Philippines located in the Luzon region north of the Philippine archipelago. This means, if you are travelling from anywhere in the world, you will likely end up in Manila. From here, there are many different options to avail. If you are not travelling from Manila to another airport in the Philippines, you may avail some of the best deals with Manila Airport Hotels.

One can also choose in staying in Manila for a few days, weeks or month in the more soothing Manila Beach Resorts instead of hotels. Here is a list of the different Resorts & Hotels in Manila to help you in your travel.


Belmont Hotel Manila

There are many other amenities that make the Belmont Hotel Manila the first choice of discerning tourists. The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is 780 meters from the Hotel is the nearest air connection.

Belmont Hotel - Manila - Swimming Pool
Hilton Manila-Rooms

Hilton Manila

The Hilton Manila is the best urban getaway with spacious rooms and innumerable amenities. It is also very close to the major commercial districts including the Makati business center.

Marriot Hotel Manila

The Marriot Hotel Manila has unmatched amenities and cuisine, making it one of the premium hotels in the area for those who are looking for some excitement, there are many casinos in the adjoining districts.


Holiday Inn Express Newport

Holiday Inn Express Newport is situated very close to golf clubs, casinos and commercial centers like Bonifacio Global City. Hence, it is a very popular Hotel for visitors from many parts of the world.

Spacious and Cozy Condo Unit

The Spacious and Cozy Condo Unit Across NAIA Terminal 3 service apartments usually liked by families with kids because of the large-size beds. The condos are situated within easy reach of shopping districts, casinos, golf clubs, and commercial centers.

Spacious and Cozy Condo Unit Across NAIA Terminal 3 - Manila