Diving in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera - Diving

Puerto Galera has been the most famous scuba diving destination in the Philippines since the late 80s. Many tour-operators offer Puerto Galera as a single trip or a combination with visits to nearby destinations.

Getting to Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is about 150 km south of Manila in the province of Mindoro Oriental. If you are going to Puerto Galera, you must first fly to Manila. From there, you have a two hour drive to the city of Batangas, where you can catch a ferry to Sabang- where the most resorts and dive-shops can be found. If you travel on a package-tour, your resort will organize all of that for you and also pick you up at the Manila International Airport.

Getting to Puerto Galera

What to expect in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is famous for its diversity of different dive sites. Shallow colorful easy diving for beginners, ripping high speed drift dives or deep Tec-diving, there is almost no limit in Puerto Galera. Most of the more than 30 dive-spots are just a short boat ride away. Most of the dive-shops are also offering day-trips to the nearby Verde Island with usually two or three dives.

Diving is good all around the year with the hot and dry season from March to June. With many dive-resorts and shops located in Sabang, Big and Small LaLaguna there is always something available in your budget.

There are simple rooms available startung from US$ 10 per night. Guided dives can be booked for US$ 25. If you are “hardcore” diver look for the valuable non-limit-packages with up to 5 dives per day.

Diving in Puerto Galera

The Canyons, Sinandigan Wall (Nudibranch-city) or Hole in the wall are only some of the “must-do” dives. Who wants it a bit more thrilling can take a ride at the Kilima Drift and get rocked at the washing machine at Verde Island.

Most dives in Puerto Galera are gentle drift-dives. Your dive-boat will follow the group. Your guide will use a Surface Marker Buoy at the end of the dive and after a safety stop the group ascents together and goes back on the waiting boat. Don’t miss the world class night dives at the Sabang-Wrecks and join the hunt for the colorful Mandarinfishes at LaLaguna Point and The Hill between the Batangas and Manila channel.

Most dive operators offer very valuable Nitrox packages, and if one tank is not enough you will find some very well equipped Tek-shops in Sabang and Small LaLaguna

Things To Do in Puerto Galera - Tamaraw Waterfalls

What to do in Puerto Galera

Uncountable bars and restaurants invite you for a drink after the last dive. Many resorts also offer great sunset-cruises to one of the white-sand beaches in one of the bays of the neighborhood islands. Make a trip to the Tamaraw Waterfalls on your off-gasing day and enjoy the relaxing Massages in one of the SPA-center or offered directly at the beach. As there is no real nice beach in the Sabang Bay, go for a ten minute walk to Big LaLaguna or rent one of the local bancas for a picturesque boat ride along the beautifully coastline to reach Whitebeach or Talibanan Beach.