Subic Bay

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Subic Bay is located on the west coast of Luzon with great water views and tourist attractions for all to enjoy. From tropical animal park and zoos to water parks and white sand beaches, Subic Bay is surely a place one should spend a few days when visiting the northern part of the Philippines.

There is no doubt that Subic Bay will be in the list of Where to Dive in the Philippines. Blessed with marine resources and beautiful reefs, Subic Bay is also famous for the wreck diving. The wreck diving is a special treat with historic ships and war remains that have sunken to the underwater paradise preserved by water and made home by he creatures beneath in.


Subic Waterfront resort & Hotel Swimming pool

Subic Waterfront Resort & Hotel

Subic Waterfront Resort & Hotel provides all the essential modern day amnesties for the comfort and pleasure of the guests. Room facilities have been perfectly aligned with the highest degree of convenience blended with aesthetics.

iCove Beach Hotel Subic Bay

The iCove Beach Hotel is as picturesque and appealing as its name is. It is comfortable and cozy three-star hotel. The hotel is spacious rooms are decorated in a stylish manner and are maintained very clean.

iCove Beach Hotel-Subic Bay- Accommodation room View at Night
Mangrove Resort Hotel- Subic Bay- Bar and restaurant at the Swimming Pool

Mangrove Resort Hotel

The Mangrove Resort Hotel’s beautiful scenery and mesmerizing beaches, and helpful staff will make sure your stay is a memorable experience. It also has a welcoming atmosphere that epitomizes a tropical paradise!