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Tickled by the sea, pampered by sun and spoiled with nothing but fun! Moalboal is a beautiful town in Cebu that offers a great deal of snorkeling, scuba diving, canopying, whale shark watching and a whole lot more. Being in the Central Visayas, getting to Moalboal is super easy coming from both the Luzon and Mindanao.

With so much to see and do, one must pick a good accommodation to refresh! There are various of hotels and resorts to choose from when staying in Moalboal. Find your perfect accommodation in Moalboal here:


The Blue Orchid Resort

When you are looking for an idyllic tropical-island vacation, the four-star The Blue Orchid Resort is a brilliant idea. It has everything you need for a perfect getaway or vacation.

The Blue Orchid Resort Moalboal Cebu- Beach Spa
Turtle Bay Dive Resort Moalboal Cebu- top view

Turtle Bay Dive Resort

For those who want a relaxing vacation, there is plenty of sun, sea, warm breezes, beach loungers, Oriental cuisine and modern amenities at the Turtle Bay Dive Resort.

Dolphin-House Resort-SPA-Diving

The five-star Dolphin-House Resort-SPA-Diving epitomizes the best tropical island vacation. It has the advantage of being surrounded by white sandy beaches and sparkling sea waters.

Dolphin House Resort SPA Diving Moalboal Cebu- Swimming Pool
Ravenala Beach Resort Moalboal

Ravenala Resort

The Ravenala Resort offers rooms that are clean with all modern amenities to make the guests feel relaxed and comfortable. It also offers different water sports and swimming facilities to make your stay a wonderful one.

Quo Vadi Dive Resort

Quo Vadi Dive Resort on the Moalboal Beach will give you plenty of sun and sea but no noise. Just sit back on a beach lounger and bask in the bounties of nature! You can enjoy deep sea diving and other marine activities.

Quo Vadis Dive Resort - Swimming Poo