Ravenala Resort

White-Beach Saavedra, Moalboal, Cebu Island Province

Hotel Overview:

A quiet and peaceful tropical holiday defines the three-star Ravenala Resort, White-Beach Saavedra. Pristine beaches and crystal clear seas that surround the Cebu Island act as magnets for tourists across the world. The Resort has just 10 exclusive rooms so one can really relax and get away from the crowd. And here’s a bonus – pets are allowed!

Hotel Highlights:

  • Location
  • Water sports
  • Airport transfers
  • Indoor games room
  • Swimming pool & bar
  • Pets allowed
  • Spa & sauna

About Ravenala Resort :

The three-star Ravenala Resort is a beautiful beachside resort with clean and spacious rooms. The amenities include airport transfers, 24×7 housekeeping, room service, games room, coffee shop, in-house restaurants, bar, and more. Professional instructors teach the guests deep sea diving, canoeing, and snorkeling. One can see a large number of sea turtles and sardines in the waters around the White-beach Saavedra on which the Resort is situated. The restaurants serve International as well as local cuisine to cater to different tastes. This is one of the few pet-friendly resorts in the area.

Rooms at Ravenala Resort:

Ocean View Room and Beach Front Bungalow are the two choices available at the Ravenala Resort. Both the types of accommodation are spacious so the Resort is a popular choice of big groups and families, especially those who have pets. The Resort has a welcoming and homely appearance, yet the rooms are fitted with all modern amenities. The housekeeping staff are very efficient and keep the rooms and bungalows in a spotlessly clean condition. The numerous amenities ensure that all the guests have a comfortable and memorable stay on Cebu Island, Philippines. The tariffs are affordable and range between $53 and $69.

Services at Ravenala Resort:

Scuba diving, canoeing, and snorkeling are some of the marine sports activities guests can enjoy during their stay at the Ravenala Resort. The place has easy access to all the diving areas along the Moalboal beach and around Cebu Island. The Resort provides professionally qualified instructors who can coach guests in whatever marine sports activity or activities they wish to pursue. The waters around the Resort is full of sea turtles and sardines and are a visual treat for the divers.

So next time you are looking for the best tropical holiday, just book a room at the Ravenala Resort, White-beach Saavedra and enjoy!

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