Philippine Diver

Diving in the Philippines

The Philippines is made up of 7,107 tropical Islands with unlimited diving opportunities. Large pelagics, a macro-paradise, wreck-diving, drift-diving, healthy and colorful coral gardens, deep walls and dive-safaris are all available within one country.

Whether you are a beginner, dive-professional, underwater-photographer or Tec-diver, if you plan your vacation carefully you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and many visitors return to the Philippines time after time. This site is here to help you and provide useful information about traveling and diving all around the Philippines.

Cleaner Shrimp on Morray Eel

Dive Shops in the Philippines

Most dive-shops in the Philippines offer an all-round service. Staff at the dive shop staff will take care of all your equipment needs. They set it up for you in the morning, carry everything to the dive-boats, help you gear up, change your tanks during the day and rinse your equipment at the end of the day before storing. The only thing you have to do is keep breathing and enjoy the underwater experience.

Scuba Tanks in the Philippines

The most common Scuba tank in the Philippines is a 80 cu ft (12 liter) aluminum-tank with a joke valve. If you prefer to dive with a DIN-valve it is advisable to bring your own adapter. Some shops have both kind of valves, but they may run out and it would be disappointing to miss a dive because of a 10-dollar piece of equipment.

1001 Dive Sites at the Doorstep

Most dive-sites in the Philippines are just a short short boat ride away from the dive shop (5 – 20 minutes) and are mainly accessed with small speedboats or the local style of outrigger boats, called Banca (or Bangka/Banka) This boats are quite long with a narrow hull and wide flexible bamboo outriggers on both sides. They have been used for transportation between the 7,107 islands for hundreds of years and are very reliable and stable in the water. Nowadays they are powered by truck-diesel-engines. This kind of boats are also used for diving – day trips to remote Islands or even for short dive-safaris.

Learn Scuba Diving in the Philippines

Most dive-shops offer PADI dive-courses for beginner and advanced diver to continue the education. Some are also offering courses from other associations. Whether you want to take your first breath under water or are already experienced and want to improve your skills, you will find plenty of options for dive-courses. To avoid long studying, do your knowledge development ahead of time, either with your local dive-center or vie e-learning.

We hope you enjoyed our overview regarding this wonderful country, the people and culture and the great diving opportunities in the Philippines. The Team of have lived and worked for many years in the Philippines. We are happy to receive your comments, suggestions and critics.